“For over 20 years I’ve worked with some of the world’s most prestigious corporations and foundations reinventing ways to define and express their brands.”

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Customers reviews

"...a breath of fresh air in an industry where graphics and creativity can quickly become stale. His innovative approach to corporate design is often cutting edge and "outside of the box". Communication is key in a working relationship and Michael-Rene does a wonderful job keeping lines of communication open as well as clarifying your thought process so that you both are working towards the same ultimate goal."
Monica Skidmore
Monica Skidmore
Conference Services Manager, Event Manager at Alston & Bird LLP
"...a super talented and gifted designer and manager who understands the nexus of top-notch creative design/projects and business outcomes. His work for me and as part of the team at KCSA was smart, creative and pleased so many of our clients -- from KeySpan Energy and SeniorBridge to the American Stock Exchange and IEEE Spectrum. Michael "listens" to client briefings and executes projects and programs often above and beyond the letter of the assignment. I strongly recommend him for organizations seeking a strong creative resource."
Henry Feintuch
President, Feintuch Comm. & Past President, PRSA-NY
" incredibly creative designer. I had the good fortune of working with him to produce a number of traditional and digital projects, often under very demanding deadlines. Michael consistently delivered innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs. His commitment to excellence and creative vision earned our department many accolades from across the firm. He’s a joy to work with, respected by his colleagues and admired by clients."
Susan Griffin
Susan Griffin
Managing Director, The Element 118 Consulting Group, LLC

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